Stable Club

Stable Club meets once a month and provides students the opportunity to come together to learn more about horses and horse care, hear from guest speakers, and go on field trips. Students are welcome to bring friends or siblings to Stable Club, because no horse experience is necessary! No riding will take place during Stable Club

2020/2021 Calendar 

December 19 12pm-1pm $10

Learning all about tack! We will cover the parts of the bridle, parts of the saddle, tack cleaning and care, and how to take apart a bridle and put it back together. Please sign up here:

January 23 12pm-1pm $10

Learning all about wrapping! We will cover different types of boots we use on our horses, how to polo wrap, wrap a leg, and wrap a foot.

February TBA

Learning all about colors, breeds, markings, and parts of the horse!

March TBA

Learning about equine nutrition! We will cover what horses need in their diets, how to read a feed board and set feed, learn about different supplements and grains, and different types of hay. 

April TBA

Stall cleaning! We will cover how to properly clean and set a stall, clean and fill water buckets, and how much hay

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